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Viability Mapping Tool

PIMSS launches evidence based stock evaluation tool

PIMSS Data Systems (PIMSS) has officially launched Viability, its stock assessment tool for analysing housing and associated stock performance. The cloud hosted tool enables Housing Associations to evaluate stock against both financial (NPV) and strategic sustainability criteria and then examine the effects of changes to these from an individual property to a street, postcode area, block, estate, a town or other defined data set.

Configuration of the tool can accommodate relevant criteria, including income, expenditure and non-financial sustainability data and assumptions and weightings can be defined, applied and adjusted accordingly to determine the financial viability and sustainability score for a property. 

Financial data can be incorporated to facilitate accurate performance assessment and sustainability criteria can be assessed in conjunction with financial performance and within the context of organisational objectives.

Comprehensive reports, including mapping functions, downloadable graphs and tables, can be produced and options appraisals undertaken to support disposal or investment decisions. As a cloud hosted solution, Viability offers the added advantage of sharing of information across Housing Associations, so all relevant people are informed.

In addition to the new software PIMSS is also offering asset management consultancy services in order to advise which financial and sustainability criteria are most relevant for the scenarios being modelled and how to make informed decisions regarding outputs. 

As a cloud hosted solution, Viability is highly secure and with a flexible licence plus no additional IT resources required investment is low risk and can be met from operating budgets. A modern user interface means that operators will find it intuitive and easy to use and setup is swift via the spreadsheet import and export facility.

Martin McDonnell, Managing Director at PIMSS Data Systems comments: “Viability fully integrates with our flagship product - PIMSS Asset Management – and in doing so offers housing associations an unrivalled, real-time view of housing assets to support enhanced evidence based decision making. With the launch of Viability, we are empowering social housing providers to make informed decisions that will enable them to take a strategic and long term approach to capital investment in their housing stock and drive transformational change across their organisation.”