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PIMSS Uncovered – Asbestos Module

PIMSS Uncovered – Asbestos Module

The Asbestos Module is a fully integrated part of PIMSS Asset Management and allows you to create an HSG227 and HSG264 compliant asbestos risk register, a key component of your asbestos management plan.

The Asbestos Module is flexible and allows detailed asbestos survey and sample information to be recorded, re-inspection programmes to be managed (including identification of properties built since 2000) and removal of asbestos to be captured and recorded.

With built-in algorithms, it will calculate material and priority risks (where valid and complete data is supplied) so that an overall risk score can be determined for each location at each property, and recommendations and actions can then be carried out accordingly.

Any type of supporting electronic documents can be quickly and easily attached to a property (or specific location at a property) by drag and drop. This includes survey PDF files, photographs, floor plans and consignment notes.

The Asbestos Module makes it quick and easy to view the information that you require:

  •   Quickly view all information for a single property or group of properties.
  •   View information relating to a specific location for an individual property on a timeline.
  •   Dashboard views for compliance managers.
  •   Information can be summarised at a variety of different levels of detail, to show where inspections and re-inspections have taken place, or are required.
  •   Effectively report on where asbestos has been removed and no longer presents a risk.
  •   Warnings are displayed on the Asset Dashboard which allow your customer facing staff to respond appropriately to queries from tenants, without them needing to access detailed information in the Asbestos Module.
  •   The Asbestos Module can produce mail merge letters, based on definable templates, and provides tenants with post-inspection letters and appointment details.

Contractors and operatives can be provided with risk registers by exporting information to Excel. The Asbestos Module also interfaces with a number of external systems, such as mobile working solutions and Housing Management, so that warnings of asbestos risk can be included on job tickets.

Asbestos survey data can be easily imported, from Excel spreadsheets, using the Dataloading Module, or via a customised scheduled task. The data is validated at point of entry to ensure that the data is robust and adheres to agreed templates and does not, for example, contain spelling mistakes or shorthand codes which could lead to duplication of data.

The Asbestos Module provides a full audit trail of all activities performed by users. This includes not only data changes as a result of inspections, re-inspections and removals, but all viewing activity too, so that it is possible to determine whether operatives actually viewed information before beginning work on site.

The Asbestos Module can be used in conjunction with the PIMSS Contractor Portal, to reduce administrative overhead, by allowing contractors and operatives to view asbestos survey and risk information and download attached electronic documents themselves from source.

For further information about the Asbestos Module, the Contractor Portal or any other area of PIMSS please get in touch with your PIMSS account manager or the PIMSS support helpdesk.