Why Us?

In three words:


As the only major Asset Management provider not owned by or attached to a Housing Management System provider, 100% of our resource is focussed on asset management. It’s what we do and it’s where our expertise lays – and has done for the last 25 years.

This specialism has led to us developing some of the sector’s most important “firsts”; one of the first dedicated social housing asset management systems, the first web based system, the first cloud based system, the first system available on a software as a service fee model…

From the earliest days of the company we have taken the view that we are there to serve our clients; if they have business needs for bespoke applications, integration with other systems or just enhanced functionality, we are happy to look at it on a commercial basis. We believe we are here to serve you and to help you improve the value for money and return on investment you get from your Asset Management function. Rarely does “one size fit all” and in the complex and highly pressured environment you operate in currently, never before has this flexibility been so important.


PIMSS – the best Asset Management products from the Asset Management experts

Our Products

Flagship Asset Management
Asset & Building Compliance
Evidence based stock evaluation
Mobile working