Minimise downtime, disruption and inconvenience

Most Support calls we receive are of the “How do I…?” variety. However, whatever the software you’re using, there are bound to be problems – modern software is just too complex and integrates with too many other systems and hardware set-ups to ever be able to replicate them all in testing (and that’s without factoring in automatic updates of operating systems and ancillary software).

So being realistic, problems are, sadly, inevitable.

To pre-empt those problems, we run extensive software testing protocols before new code is released and regularly review and update our testing procedures, but inevitably there will be scenarios that are unforeseen, problems that are missed and errors that get through the net. It’s the same for all software providers from Microsoft and Apple down.

What matters is not the fact that an error has been made (though of course we continue to do our best to eliminate them), it’s what we do about rectifying it to minimise the down-time, disruption and inconvenience to you.

Several years ago we invested in a comprehensive Support Ticketing system which is integral to our business and is operated by our team of first tier Support Engineers. They handle the easy stuff and process and sign-post Support queries and are in turn supported by an extensive team of Support Developers and Data experts.

We know the value of “up-time” and are committed to minimising down-time.

  •   We have an experienced support helpdesk team with dedicated support email address and a free phone line
  •   We setup and manage dial in access accounts to all our clients to enable quick ‘issue replication’ and fixes
  •   Once an issue has been identified we will minimise any client downtime whilst issues are understood, investigated and resolved, this is all done with no or minimal involvement from IT departments
  •   Client updates and fast resolutions are achieved through ticket monitoring and a variety of bespoke reports
  •   Product improvement and enhanced functionality ideas are stored and reviewed through Feature Requests created on the helpdesk, reviewed on a periodic basis & and fed into our product development process.

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