Following on from the previous articles regarding the Contracts Module and the Asbestos Module, the Contractor Portal provides an externally-accessible website that enables contractors to access information from the asbestos register in PIMSS, and allows you and your contractors to more efficiently manage the programmes of work they carry out on your behalf.

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The Contractor Portal provides a way for contractors and operatives to access asbestos risk information, which you have recorded in the Asbestos Module in PIMSS, from any location or device (the Contractor Portal works with all major web browsers) providing there is an internet connection.

The operative is able to search the asbestos register by address, postcode and property reference number and quickly and easily establish if the register contains asbestos survey information and associated documents for an address.

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The operative can drill into an address and view the information and download any associated supporting documents, such as the asbestos survey pdf file and photographs.

The asbestos register in the PIMSS Asbestos Module may contain a lot of detail that you don’t wish to make available in the Contractor Portal so you can configure exactly what information the operatives can access, and which types of electronic documents are made available to them for download.

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The Contracts section of the Contractor Portal allows contract managers to download and upload spreadsheet templates for contracts that they are responsible for, integrating seamlessly with the PIMSS Contracts Module.

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Contractors can download spreadsheets to receive instructions on work which is required as part of a contract, and are able to upload spreadsheets to update details of planned completion dates, expected costs, actual completions and costs, and variations to work on contracts. 

Spreadsheets uploaded via the Contractor Portal are subject to the same validation as uploading spreadsheets directly into the Contracts Module so if there are errors, they are reported directly to the contractor and they can resolve the issues before attempting to upload the file again.

Spreadsheets which are uploaded successfully are queued for import into the Contracts Module and your contract managers are notified, via email, that new spreadsheets have been imported.

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The invalid spreadsheet function allows the administration of updates to contracts to rest with the contractor, reducing your overheads, and resulting in real cost savings.

The Contractor Portal is intuitive and easy to use and on-line help and an FAQ section are included to help ensure that you can roll out access to the Contractor Portal to your contractors, without needing to deal with a large volume of support calls on how to use it.

All activity is audited and a log can be viewed so you can ensure that contractors are viewing the asbestos risk information.

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If you would like to find out more about the Contractor Portal, or other areas of PIMSS, please get in touch with your PIMSS account manager or the PIMSS support helpdesk.


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