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If you could invest £1 to save £10, would you?

Effective Asset Management software does exactly that

Our Asset Management products will help you:

  •   Save money
  •   Spend money more effectively and efficiently
  •   Make better, evidence based decisions
  •   Plan financial outlay more effectively
  •   Ensure compliance with key sector standards
  •   Ensure compliance with legal/health and safety requirements
  •   Minimise risks
  •   Maximise the opportunities your Asset base presents
  •   Improve the efficiency of field based staff with mobile working
  •   Evaluate the Viability of your housing stock (or that of organisations you are considering merging with) against a broad range of social, economic, demographic and environmental factors, not just NPV
  •   Optimise service and value for tenants

But an effective Asset Management function is about much more than just having the right software, after all, having Microsoft Word doesn’t make you William Shakespeare (unless your name just happens to be William Shakespeare). So what makes effective Asset Management, and why should you invest in our Asset Management software?

We are purely Asset Management specialists. We don’t provide Housing Management software, though our systems do integrate seamlessly with all the major HM systems. We do, however, provide a suite of solutions to ensure your Asset Management function stands the best possible chance of meeting the exacting demands of your organisation; Asset Management Health Checks, comprehensive Data Analysis and Reporting Services, comprehensive Integration with your existing legacy systems, Bespoke Development to create tailored software solutions specific to your organisation’s requirements and comprehensive Support to ensure it all works, all of the time.

The demands of the Social Housing sector on Asset Management are greater than ever.

Given those demands, wouldn’t you rather be working with the Asset Management specialists?

“Powered by PIMSS” means exactly that; all our products and services are powered with the benefit of over 20 years’ specialist experience of Asset Management in Social Housing. That experience informs the functionality and the usability of our products; through constant product development and consultation with our clients we have evolved products to meet your exacting requirements with intuitive design, minimal simple user operations to perform key tasks and the right functionality and features to deliver market leading return on investment.


PIMSS – the best Asset Management products from the Asset Management experts

Our Products

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