For successful integration with your
Housing Management system

Many of our clients have told us that one of the benefits of our independence and specialism is that they can choose our products as the best fit for their Asset Management requirements. It means that they don’t have to use a system of lesser functionality just because it is notionally linked to the provider’s Housing Management system.

IT departments are often very keen to support the Housing Management system’s linked Asset Management system because they perceive it to integrate more effectively with Housing Management.

The reality, however, is rather different.

As an independent with no Housing Management system to promote, we have created successful integration implementations with all the major Housing Management systems. Furthermore, because we offer a bespoke development service we are able to tailor that integration to your needs offering you potentially far greater integration, flexibility and functionality than your Housing Management provider’s “off the peg” one size fits no-one solution.

In the current climate, we believe that your choice of the best possible Asset Management system for your needs shouldn’t be compromised. Our Integration service ensures that it doesn’t have to be.


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